Film commission to promote Chile’s world class movie industry

The glitzy launch was attended by local film representatives and Hollywood producer, Mike Medavoy.


Chile’s Trade Commission (ProChile) and Culture Minister Luciano Cruz-Coke have launched a new body to further establish the country as a major player in international film production.

The Chilean Film Commission has been created to promote Chile as a world class destination for shooting movies and television programs, while boosting foreign investment in the domestic film industry.

The new commission was launched at a glitzy breakfast event in Santiago’s Hotel W, attended by local film identities and Hollywood producer, Mike Medavoy, who is currently in Chile to work on his feature film about the 33 trapped miners whose rescue last October prompted global celebrations.

Minister Cruz-Coke told local press that Chile offered many benefits to international film producers including a wide range of landscapes, political and economical stability, modern infrastructure and high quality human capital.

“We are certain that the Film Commission will be an important instrument for developing our film industry as well as supporting national economic development,” he said.

“Apart from the foreign investment and job creation it generates, international film production [and investment] also stimulates professionalism in our local film industry, along with the exchange of ideas and increasing global recognition.”

ProChile’s National Director, Félix de Vicente, said the Film Commission would build on existing initiatives such as the government’s registration with the Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI).

“We are convinced that the work we have done will continue to bear fruit under the guidance of the National Arts and Culture Council (CNCA) and the coordination of the country’s government institutions,” he said.

Local film organizations would be able to benefit from ProChile’s network of more than 50 offices worldwide to boost the international profile of Chilean cinema, de Vicente added.

The new commission will be led by Alberto Chaigneau, the Executive Secretary of Chile’s Arts and Film Industry Council.