First interactive exhibit in La Moneda in Chile opens your senses

Color and Vibration takes you through a unique journey of color and sound 

Color and Vibration (Color y Vibración), the first interactive exhibit at the Centro Cultural Palacio la Moneda, offers a totally immersive experience into an array of colors using innovative technology to dazzle your senses.
This journey through color is going for a totally different kind of relationship between viewer and exhibit.
Wanting to break away from merely passive observation, Color and Vibration, instead invites you into a game of visual perception through dynamic, virtual and interactive paths.
The experience asks you to tap into to your own senses and imagination and see where they take you
LISTEN! Through the use of a touch screen, you can control sound and an LED light system located at the exterior of the room, flooding the space in color and immersing you in the stream of light. The display turns sound and color around to awaken your perception.
TOUCH! Allows you to play with color directly through an interactive table designed through a horizontal screen. It is designed so that many people interact at once and the amazing results you create, alone or in a group, can be obtained and stored automatically in a virtual gallery online.
COLOR CARTOGRAPHY! Lets you discover the history of color through a touch screen designed to facilitate learning and investigating this unusual story creatively.
EXPERIMENT! So that this new sense of wonder can exist outside of the exhibit, there are workshops, activities, conversations and exchanges between creators and the general public offered – all generating wonderment of the senses.
The display was inspired by diverse investigations professionals carried out on color and shape. They drew on the use of color in the original pueblos of Latin America.
Don’t miss this unique exhibit, it promises to be an unforgettable show of Chile’s creative technology. And it’s free! When you leave the room you will begin to see the world in a different light.
The exhibit runs until August 2012.