First National Environment Day: More than 100 protected areas will be open to the public

This October 3rd and 4th, Chile’s national parks and natural reserves will be open for free throughout all the country.

24 Horas
24 Horas

The Ministry of Environment, together with the National Forestry Corporation (CONAF), Fundación Sendero de Chile, the Metropolitan Park, Quebrada de Macul and other private institutions, have established that this October 3rd and 4th more than one hundred parks and ecological reserves will open their doors for people to enjoy these natural areas for free.

This initiative aims to promote national natural diversity, welcoming everyone to the most beautiful landscapes of Chile. Statistics show that 30% of the population has never visited a protected area, a reality that the Ministry of Environment seeks to change through this type of initiative, while promoting the protection and safeguard of the natural resources in the country. Thus, from this year on, every first week of October, the Ministry plans to carry out educational initiatives that teach the public how to take care of the environment and how to be responsible with their natural surroundings.

«As Ministry of Environment we believe it is necessary for people to know and visit our protected areas. As citizens we don’t take care of what we do not value, and do not value what we do not know, which is why it is important that families participate in this weekend dedicated to our natural heritage», said the Minister Pablo Badenier.

The official website of the National Environment Day has all the necessary information in terms of tours and activities for both days. At the same time, the Ministry of Environment recommends people to be prepared for any situation, advising them about cleaning measures when it comes to a picnic, and always reminding people that if they spot a wild animal, not to interfere with their course and observe them from the distance.

«We hope that people take good advantage of this weekend throughout all Chile, where we seek to recognize and value the great natural heritage we have and promote environmental care», stated Minister Badenier.