Five cafes you should not miss in the Lastarria neighbourhood

In Chile, the “once” is a tradition that has to be respected and in the Lastarria neighbourhood you will find multiple places that will transform your afternoon.

Barrio Lastarria

A good idea to enjoy the afternoons and the “onces” in Santiago is to try some of the new cafes that have appeared in the city. We made a list with five different places in the Lastarria neighbourhood that you shouldn’t miss if you love tea time!

Café del Ópera
This cafe is located next to the Opera restaurant, known for the quality of its preparations. Here you can have salads, sandwiches or even soup, but you really shouldn’t miss the pastries. The marzipan cake with manjar is definitely the star, but not the only possibility: if you are more into classics, try the lemon pie with a chocolate crust. The hardest choice in Café del Opera is what to eat, because everything looks delicious. They also have a great variety of hot beverages to choose from to pair your meal.

Café Vienés
If you have a sweet tooth, here’s where you should be going. Their artisanal baking is respectful of the traditional recipes, making some extraordinary preparations: the chocolate cake, for example, promises to surprise you every time with its intense flavour. If you are not that into cake, they also offer a great variety of gourmet sandwiches.

Café Girasol
For those who love to walk and not stop or those who are in a hurry but still want to have a tasty meal, this is their alternative: a to-go cafe. If you want to get home with some goodies to surprise the family or just to enjoy by yourself at home, this is the answer. In Girasol you will find cupcakes, lemon pies, quiches, salads, empanadas and delicious sandwiches, among other baked goods, everything ready to go. Those who have visited Girasol also recommend their organic tea and the homemade jams. If you want to try some Chilean food, you should go by lunch time, when they prepare Pastel de Choclo.

Café 202
Behind the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Centre you will find Café 202. No luxury, just a simple cafe, but a highly recommended one. This cafe has regular and loyal customers who are charmed by the fact that 202 offers only five things: coffee, craft beer, tablas (a mix of appetizers), quesadillas and music. Apparently that’s the perfect combination. The room is usually full of people chatting, laughing and listening to brit pop music. Definitely, this is place like no other.

Café del museo
To finish the list, we will mention a cafe that has coffee at its centre. The drinks here are prepared with dedication and the coffee grains come from the main coffee production areas in the continent. The owner wanted this to be a space where you could enjoy some coffee while talking with your friends and colleagues, and that’s why the architecture of the place is thought to foster interaction. The place is also decorated with paintings that you can buy, taking a part of the cafe with you.