Five Chilean hotels among the ultimate best in the world

Ranging from high-end chic to cutting edge cool, situated high in the Andes or nestled among Patagonia hot springs, the hotels are a testament to Chile’s many faces.  

Condé Nast Traveler, from the same publisher as Vogue, the New Yorker and Vanity Fair, prides itself on traveling incognito, experiencing hotels and restaurants as a normal customer would and eschewing the favoritism generally awarded to critics of their calibre.
So when the publication tells you it’s on to something hot, it’s rarely off the mark, and according to its 2012 prognostication – hotels in Chile are hot.
In this year’s Condé Nast Traveler “Hot List”  for new hotels, five Chilean hotels made the cut, and the theme that unites them is. . . just how different they are.
Ranging from the cosmopolitan capital to the southern wilderness of Patagonia, the selected hotels are a testament to just how many different and unique experiences Chile can offer travelers.
Two Santiago-based hotels featured in the list, each representing different aspects of the city.
In the charming historic district of Lastarria, the Lastarria Boutique Hotel – a renovated 1927-era mansion – represents the funky new vibe that is regenerating many inner city neighborhoods.
“With no other hotels around (though some are under construction), you feel like a local when exploring the Sunday flea market or dropping into one of the thriving cafés, bistros, and galleries that have popped up around Parque Forestal in recent years,” the review says.
Meanwhile the nearby hotel in Santiago’s Vitacura neighborhood, the Noi Vitacura, represents a more sophisticated, high-end side of the capital.
“For a quiet night in, guests can nibble on hummus, caviar, or foie gras while perusing Neruda anthologies in the Portofino Book Lounge, or dine on Pacific-catch razor clams and scallops, served in prodigious quantities, in Argentine-Italian restaurant Piegari,” says the review.
“For a DJ-fueled buzz, head to the rooftop Tramonto Terrace to lounge under the stars with the capital’s moneyed elite. Silence reigns in the guest rooms, each kitted out with sheets imported from Portugal and plant-based custom bath products.”
When you add in a mountain getaway high in the Andes, an eco resort in Patagonia and a hot spring resort in Torres del Paine, it’s not hard to see why Condé Nast Traveler is so keen on Chile.
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