Five films to see at Chile’s upcoming festival, SANFIC8

Moviegoers will face an impressive selection of international and local films at the Santiago International Film Festival, which kicks off Friday, August 17.

‘Una Noche’ centers around three Cuban youths trying to escape to Miami. Photo courtesy of Una Noche / Facebook.
‘Una Noche’ centers around three Cuban youths trying to escape to Miami. Photo courtesy of Una Noche / Facebook.

There’s less than a week to go until films from China, France, Germany, the United States, Britain, Argentina and all over Chile descend upon the Chilean capital for the Santiago International Film Festival, SANFIC8.

But with eight films featuring in the international competition, as well as 10 in the national event, you’d be forgiven for not knowing where to begin looking. So here at ThisisChile we’ve come up with a few recommendations to make life a little easier for the indecisive.

International selections

Una Noche (“One Night”): The first film from Brazilian director Lucy Mulloy, Una Noche depicts the story of three young Cubans escaping their country to seek refuge in Miami. Filmed in Havana, the film is a compelling and credible portrayal of modern-day life – as the young protagonists struggle for work, basic necessities and eventually, face the daunting 90 mile (145 km) voyage to flee Cuban shores.

La Playa D.C. (“D.C. Beach”): Writer-director Juan Andrés Arango’s first film depicts a teenage apprentice barber adjusting to the challenges of eking out a life on the hard streets of Bogotá. This is a coming of age story that shows one youth’s attempt at romance, while balancing the responsibility of a job and watching over two wayward siblings. Filmed on-site, La Playa D.C. captures the unique geography of this sprawling, chaotic metropolis encircled by lush hills.

Chilean selections

Pérez: Director Álvaro Viguera brings to life the story of a father, Pérez, who attempts to turn around the distant relationship that he has with his daughter, Roma. Having only seen Roma a couple times in his whole life, Pérez invites her to spend a few days at his vacation cabin in the south of Chile. Roma takes this opportunity to tell her father know how angry she is at him. But Roma is in for a surprise and sudden jealousy when she meets Marion, her father’s young girlfriend.

El Huaso: A documentary by Chilean-Canadian Carlo Guillermo Proto, El Huaso depicts the story of Gustavo, Proto’s father, who is showing symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Having pledged to take his own life rather than become a burden on his family, Gustavo seeks to fulfill one last life long dream, becoming a huasoa Chilean cowboy.

Cuentos Sobre el Futuro (“Stories About the Future”): A film by Pachi Bustos that depicts the life of four marginalized youths living in a modern city. The film portrays their struggles to build a life for themselves, their family and home. Set in Chile, the story attempts to give a genuine portrait of life where a lack of opportunities is normal and a part of one’s existence.

Where and when

SANFIC8 begins on Friday, August 17, and runs until Saturday, August 25.

A full timetable of the event can be seen here, or via the official website.

Participating cinemas will include: Cine Hoyts La Reina, Cine Hoyts Parque Arauco, Cineteca Nacional, Teatro Nescafé de las Artes, Centro Cultural Estación Mapocho, and Universidad San Sebastián, Campus Bellavista.

Tickets will be available for purchase at respective ticket windows and online, for films featured at Hoyts cinemas.