Foreign professionals flock to Chile’s Universidad Católica

Nearly 200 foreign students are currently pursuing doctoral degrees at the prestigious university, celebrated as a world-class research institution. 

Renown for its quality research and productivity, Chile’s Universidad Católica (U.C.) is now welcoming more foreign students than ever before to its doctoral programs. The school is considered the second best in Latin America and best in Chile by the 2012 QS Latin America University Rankings.
Of the 900 students currently enrolled in Ph.D programs at U.C., about 20 percent are students from foreign countries. Students from Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, France and the United States are especially prevalent. U.C. currently offers 33 doctoral programs in the departments of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Medical Sciences and Health, Agricultural Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities and Interdisciplinary Studies.
Why U.C.?
Martha Romero is one of these foreign students that has come to Chile to study. Originally a student at the University of Cauca, Colombia, she is now pursuing a Ph.D in Mathematics at U.C. – and has greatly appreciated her education.
«Research is an exciting adventure into the wilderness, where you walk without a map, without knowing if there will be water or where you will rest, where you usually need months of hard work to obtain results,” the scholar said. “U.C. enables the realization of my studies in ideal conditions, providing resources to strengthen and expand my knowledge and promoting interaction with various institutions through conferences, internships abroad and double degrees.»
Jean-Christophe Mourrat is also a Mathematics Ph.D student, originally from the University of Paris-Sud in France. For him, the most interesting part of his U.C. doctorate program has been the fact that “you can take a lot of time to develop your own ideas, and really improve your understanding of the areas that you are studying.”
Nominations are open
U.C. offers scholarships and support for both Chilean and foreign students. Anyone with a Bachelor’s degree or professional degree in their discipline of study is open to participate in the 2013 admissions process. The application and selection processes are managed by each doctoral program, and more information can be found on their English website here.