Four adventures packed with adrenaline one hour from Santiago

Majestic mountains and a raging river open the window to extreme sports, such as rafting, paintball, paragliding, and canopy.


Being in touch with nature and living extreme experiences in the central zone of Chile do not imply traveling long distances or spending money in accommodation far from the capital – Santiago.

Cajón del Maipo is located at one hour drive from Santiago to the South-East. This valley, also known for its wines, has all the conditions to raise adrenaline levels to the top.


Up to nine people at a time can ride an inflatable raft to clash the raging waters of Maipo River. Coaches teach the steps to be followed before going down the river, but only inventiveness will ultimately keep the raft afloat.

Chilerafting offices are located at Cajón del Maipo. Four years after its foundation, it continues providing rafting services to around 80 tourists every weekend at rates ranging from US$ 32 to US$ 46.


Wearing masks and camouflage suits is a safety requirement to start the combat using smoke grenades and paint-loaded machine guns. Fathers confront their children, employers versus employees, and braves against the frightened.

This is a relatively low cost game in Chile compared to other countries. Geoaventura rates: up to US$ 22 per session.


You can defy a 1,000 meter cliff and take hold of the sky at only 35 minutes from Santiago, at the sector of Las Vizcachas. The companies Parapente Andino and Geoaventura will be glad to answer any questions you may have in relation to the safety of these short trips.


Passing though tree tops at an up to 60 km/hour speed is a unique hobby that gives the chance to know places of natural interest which would otherwise impossible to appreciate.

The route offered by Hacienda Los Castaños crosses Maipo River and reaches an altitude of 360 meters. Canopy may be a family hobby. Although special attention should always be paid to safety. Trip rates: US$ 12.