Four Chileans are among the top ten in the world water ski ranking

They are among the ten best in the world, with several records in figures and overall.

According to the list, the best-ranked Chilean is Felipe Miranda
According to the list, the best-ranked Chilean is Felipe Miranda

The fact that five Chileans have managed to position themselves among the top ten of the International Water Ski Federation (IWSF) world ranking is evidence of the excellent level of national athletes.

The recent publication by the IWSF considers an average of the two best scores obtained in official competitions held between 1 May 2009 and 30 April 2010.

According to the list, the best-ranked Chilean is Felipe Miranda, in fifth place with an average score of 2,530 points. The world champion has stood out for his ability to hold onto that position and for his remarkable record in figures and overall.

Meanwhile, his brother Rodrigo Miranda has stood out for his double seventh place in overall. In this way he obtained an advantageous average of 2,434 points and 68.45 meters on the ramp.

Other outstanding places are held by the siblings Nicole and Sebastián Naser, who were also able to rank in the top ten in the youth category. The latter of the two’s ability allowed him to position himself with an average mark of 49.45 meters, climbing from fifth to second place in the world jumping category.

In addition, Sebastián came in 11th place in slalom with 53 buoys. For her part, Nicole was eighth in the international ranking, thus strengthening her condition as a potential medal winner at
the youth world championship in Italy. Her victory was reflected in her score of 5,815 points. In addition, she came in 13th place in the youth jump category and 15th in the under-21 group.

Water skiing is asportthat became massive in Chile in 1940 on Lake Villarrica, thanks to the boats of the Pucón hotel. This is why one can regularly see this activity there, because it
presents the optimal conditions for practicing it.