Four of Chile’s music magazines will develop software for tablets

The outlets are currently finalizing details for the technology that will see them first available on iPads; later crossing on to other forms of touch-screen, mobile internet devices.


As the world becomes more connected, Chilean music magazines are pushing to stay abreast of new advances.

Consumer sales of electronic goods in South America were expected to increase 10 percent this year, the highest of any continent in the world. A ComScore report furthermore placed Chile as a Latin American leader in the use of online networks.

As newspapers, magazines and online news sources have been jumping from print to digital, the amount of in-country material disseminated to readers around the globe has jumped dramatically.

The developers behind what will shortly be iPad applications for the online music magazines Rockaxis; Extravaganza; Rollinga and iPOP, saw the potential in giving their magazines a platform on Apple’s new devices, and are set to soar in cyberspace as early as the next few months.

Rockaxis has been working on the new technology with Chilean design firm Mundomono, which created Brainshake, the first ever Chilean game for the iPad. Director of Mundomono Daniel Escudero told local newspaper La Tercera about the new and refreshing outlook he has for his online music portal, where the surfer gets “totally immersed in the world of music.”

The new format he refers to is a blending of audio, visual and print media – a virtual information sledgehammer where the visitor absorbs details about the state of the Chilean music industry no matter which path he chooses.

Extravaganza Magazine, which had already experimented during 2010 with a new online version of its editions, is the outlet hoping to make the jump to online soonest. The online edition of their magazine already represents around 70 percent of its readership, so the editorial hope the new development, alongside Chile’s good communications penetration, will help boost their readership even further.

iPOP and Rollinga magazines both hope also to have their brands online before the end of the year. iPOP, which has already begun working on its version, as Manuel Maira told La Tercera, plans to have its version online during the second half of the year.

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