Going gourmet in the Lastarria neighbourhood

The Lastarria neighbourhood is one of Santiago’s key bohemian spots, perfect to try some delicious gourmet food with friends of family

Barrio Lastarria

Definitely one of the activities that will never go old is going out for dinner, either with friends or family, and what best than enjoying a nice night out with some gourmet food. This list is a walk through the famous Lastarria neighbourhood, an iconic place right in the middle if Santiago, meaning it is particularly easy to reach: just steps away from a metro station. Discover with us four restaurants where you will have a perfect night after an intense day.

Mulato Restaurant
Maybe one of the places that best connects with the neighbourhood itself, given that its owner’s idea was to create a restaurant with a menu that changed everyday, connecting the culinary aspect with th historic neighbourhood. Everyday the menu of Mulato changes depending on what’s the offer is at the Mercado Central and La Vega, the most important food markets in Santiago. The result is a colourful, fresh and frankly delicious menu. Mulato is a perfect restaurant for foreign visitors, because you can even pay with US Dollars or euros.

Tambo Restaurante
In the past years Peruvian cuisine has found its place in Chile and become an excellent alternative for when eating out. For that reason, we include one of its representatives in this list: Tambo comes with a different ideas, perfect for those who want to try different combinations and flavours that will come as a surprise for those who just wanted to eat ají de gallina. Even though you have to be open minded to enjoy Tambo in its full potential, there also are dishes thought for those who are more conservative: some fresh ceviche, a classic lomo saltado and the sweet, sweet suspiro limeño are also in their menu.

Squadritto Ristorante
From the cuisine of our neighbouring country to one on the other side of the Atlantic. There are many italian food restaurant around the world, but how many of them prepare their food with traditional recipes? of how many of them can say they serve the real pizza napoletana? Not many, but this is one of them. Their preparation and cooking methods are traditional, and that’s the reason why they do not mass produce their food. You will know this is worth it when you taste the melted cheese, the fresh tomatoes and the delicious pasta.

Bar Restaurant Victorino
The bar will be a constant reminder that you are in a place that has the best of two worlds: restaurant and bar. The truth is that Victorino combines perfectly the bar style with high cuisine, which allows a particularly attractive menu, perfect for those who are looking to innovate. In the kitchen you will find ingredients from all over Latin America used to create new culinary concepts. Certainly an experience that every diner should dare to try.