Google Street View launches in three Chilean Cities

Popular map technology now available in Concepción, Valparaíso and Santiago, allowing tourists and locals to plan trips and peruse city streets from their computers.

Google users now have access to a whole new way of navigating the streets of Santiago, Concepción and Valparaíso after the search engine launched the much anticipated Street View technology in Chile last month.
Sightings of camera cars had been a regular occurrence in the three cities since Google began operations in January of this year. Finishing a few months ahead of schedule, Street View caused a stir on social networks as Google made the function available to users days before officially announcing the launch on September 26.
“In the spirit of making Google Maps more comprehensive and accessible to people around the world, we’re introducing Google Street View imagery of Chile,” the company said on its website. “In Santiago, you can discover the Mercado Central (food market) and see why this tourist spot was named on the world’s ten best in its class.”
In addition to Mercado Central, several other of the capital’s main landmarks are viewable to users, including La Moneda Palace, the Entel Tower, and Cerro Santa Lucia.
Perhaps the most spectacular images available on Chile’s street view are those of the winding streets and multicolored houses of the hilly port town Valparaíso. Users can cruise down the beautiful Paseo 21 de Mayo toward the coast, taking in the city’s famous vistas.
Further south in Chile’s VIII region and the city of Concepción, users can take a virtual stroll across the city’s expansive bridge over the Río Biobío.
Google launched Chile’s street view in tandem with the release of their imaging of Croatia, making both countries the latest to be added.
“We hope that these images are useful to both locals who want to scope out their own neighborhoods as well as tourists who are planning trips to either of these scenic countries,” Google said of the double launch.
Since starting up in the US in 2007, Google Street View has become available in 48 countries and over 3,000 cities worldwide.
Google estimates that it has photographed over 5 million miles of road, even covering parts of Antarctica, where the iconic “Pegman” location pin is shown as a Chinstrap Penguin.