Government announces Chile Day 2013 to be held in London

Finance Minister Felipe Larraín says the event will promote investment in Chile and highlight the country’s economic stability.

Chile’s government-backed business initiative Chile Day will have its seventh edition on September 10 and 11 in London this year. Finance Minister Felipe Larraín, joined on March 20 by British Ambassador to Chile Jon Benjamin and members of InBest Chile, announced the U.K. capital will once again host the event that aims to unite investors and business leaders from both countries.

The event has been to New York in the past, and will promote the message of Chile’s continued political, institutional, and financial stability, as well as present the country as a strong base from which to conduct business with other Latin American nations.

“We have developed a very special working relationship with the British Government, which has taken a special interest in having Chile represented in London,” Minister Larraín said. “London is the top financial center in Europe, the doorway to Asia, and it is also home to the world’s principal metal exchange, where Chilean copper is traded.”

The privately funded initiative is run by the organization InBest Chile, which advocates and facilitates foreign investment in the country. Chilean entrepreneurs will also be given the chance to meet with potential investors at the event.

Ambassador Benjamin said hosting the event in the U.K. would be, “A great honor and a privilege. We are going to use this event to try to promote Chile’s image, which is already very positive in London.”

A 300 strong Chilean delegation will join around 200 British businessmen, representing major companies, banks, pension funds, stock markets, insurance companies, and legal firms. Keep an eye on InBest’s website for a program of events that will be released shortly.

The U.K. is the fourth largest investor in Chile, and a number of Free Trade and economic association agreements exist between the two countries.