Grammy Award nomination for Chilean music artist Ana Tijoux

Her record is among five nominees in the category for Best Latin Rock, Alternative or Urban Album.


Chilean hip hop artist Ana Tijoux has been nominated for a Grammy Award, the highest honor handed out by the music industry.

Her record 1977, called a “stark mix of trippy ’90s hip-hop and jazz-pop elements” by one reviewer, which made its debut in the United States in 2010, is among five nominees in the Best Latin Rock, Alternative or Urban Album category.

Parts of the annual award show, hosted by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences for outstanding achievements in the music industry, will be broadcast live on February 13, 2011.

“Thanks for the Grammys nomination, gringos”, Tijoux said via Twitter following her nomination. “Thanks to everyone who made this disc possible. It was worth it, bringing Chile to the world

Tijoux, a Chilean born in France in the year 1977 – the title of her breakthrough solo album – moved to Chile’s capital Santiago as a teen, where she began rhyming, first in French and then in Spanish.

She made her recording debut in 1997 with the group Los Tetas and first garnered fame in the late 90s with the hip hop group Makiza, which she co-founded.

She has also collaborated with Latin American stars such as Julieta Venegas, the American-born Mexican who has won five Latin American Grammys and a U.S. Grammy. Their collaboration in 2006, Eres Para Mi, was a hit throughout South America, the United States and Spain.

With her album 1977, Tijoux has said she is making a return to her old-school hip hop roots.  The album has garnered favorable reviews from the United States media and Tijoux was well-received in Austin, Texas, where she made her US-debut at the iconic South by South West music festival.

The Texas-based San Antonio Express News wrote: “It’s immediately apparent that Tijoux’s 1977 is one of the year’s best records — no matter what language one speaks. It’s a stark mix of trippy ’90s hip-hop and jazz-pop elements.”

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Times wrote: “As one of South America’s best-regarded MCs, male or female, the prodigiously loquacious Tijoux is seldom at a loss for words… She has developed a growing following with her jazz-inflected, unusually melodic rapping and witty, politically savvy lyrics.”