Great connectivity

By land, air or sea; by phone or digital. Anyway you see it, Chile is connected and connects its inhabitants.


Chile has one of the most modern infrastructures and highway networks in Latin America. According to a recent study, Connectivity Scorecard 2009, commissioned by Nokia, Chile is in third place of the connectivity ranking for resource and efficiency-based economies, ahead of Russia, India and all other countries in Latin America.

Some interesting points to ponder: the country has almost as many cell phones as inhabitants and people use social networking websites more than in other countries. People use a modern teletoll system when driving their cars down Santiago’s urban freeways, one of the first systems in the world to operate using transmitters or transponders.

Santiago International Airport is one of the most modern airports in Latin America and features interconnections with all the continents in the world. Chile’s important road network enables good connectivity with the rest of the continent. Chile has naturally become a center of operations and gateway to the region.

The country features first-rate air and land travel services at affordable prices.  Santiago is just 6 hours by land away from Mendoza, Argentina and the city of Arica is just 45 minutes away from Tacna, Peru.