Green campaign will bring recycling to Lollapalooza Chile

Launched on site by Chile’s Ministers of the Environment and Culture, the project has received vocal support from the founder of the festival, Perry Farrell.


Minister of the Environment María Ignacia Benítez, and Minister of Culture Luciano Cruz-Coke presented a new recycling initiative in Santiago’s O’Higgins Park called Cultura Verde (Green Culture) as part of the Lollapalooza music festival’s green initiatives.

Perry Farrell, founder of the festival and front man for Jane’s Addiction, one of the bands that will be playing the festival over the weekend of April 2 to 3, was present in the park for the launch of the campaign.

“To share this idea that originated in the Festival in the United States is really important, and we hope that the people who come understand that so that everyone will be able to participate in recycling and taking care of the Park throughout the event,” Farrell was quoted as saying in a report from La Tercera.

The campaign will include over 1,000 volunteers who will be present at the festival to teach about recycling, waste collection and separating recyclable materials. Volunteers will also bring 200 recycling containers into the park and establish 30 puntos limpios, or ‘clean points,’ throughout the park. They will also help in measuring the carbon footprint of the 20,000 people expected to attend the concert and offset that by contributing to the planintg of 20,000 trees for urban planting.

The municipality of Santiago, which covers the whole of the city center including Parque O’Higgins, has also thrown its support behind the campaign.  According to the mayor of Santiago, Pablo Zalaquett, the municipality will also contribute a force of 130 people to help in the cleaning process in the Park and the surrounding area.