Handmade Chilean longboard takes on crowdsurfing challenge

Liebre Longboards is making skateboards by hand using local materials, but they now need to turn to crowdfunding site Ideame for community investment. 

Native wood. Raw materials. 100% handmade. These aren’t typically words used to describe skateboards – but the creators of Liebre Longboards hope to change that.
Liebre Longboards are long skateboards crafted 100 percent by hand in the Lake District of Chile. The designer behind the company is Benedicto López, a craftsman previously known for his work with audio sound systems made of sustainable wood. With Liebre Longboards, Lopez takes his passion in a new, mobile direction.
Lopez’s products utilize sustainable and socially responsible practices. Leibre Longboards are created with Chilean wood acquired under Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards, a certification that confirms that the trees are taken from well-managed forests. The boards are also created by skilled craftsmen from around the Araucanía Region who learned the woodcrafting trade from their ancestors, but today have trouble competing with industrial products.
The idea for natural Chilean longboards was born in early 2012, with a limited edition of boards released on April 16. Now, in order to create a larger release to the public, Leibre Longboards is turning to Latin America’s online crowdfunding site Ideame for community investment.
Through Ideame, Leibre Longboards hopes to raise CL$2,099,910 (US$4,360) to fund the creation of 60 new boards. Donors that contribute over CL$29,398.73 (US$61.00) will receive one of the limited first edition longboards in the model of their choice.
According to the Leibre Longboard’s Ideame site, the company hopes to involve and reward the community as much as possible for its efforts.
“We want this to be done with the force of many, and we want to invite you to contribute what you can to create this first line of longboards, a 100 percent Latin American product, and receive a sweet reward for compensation.”
For more information, visit Leibre Longboard’s Ideame site, or follow the company on Facebook.