Héctor Noguera is preparing an adaptation of Midsummer Night’s Dream in Popular Verse

The last winner of the National Representation Arts Award will be in charge of reviving this classic Shakespearian comedy, adapted to popular Chilean verse, together with actor and folklorist Daniel Muñoz.

Noguera y Muñoz
La Tercera

Actor and Director Héctor Noguera, winner of the National Representation Arts Award three weeks ago, will bring a new popular adaptation of William Shakespeare’s classic play into our national theatre. Little after he made the decision, the actor called Daniel Muñoz, who despite being away from the stage – and will not be a part of the cast -, had the important mission of finding the Payadores (Chilean popular poets/singers) who would adapt the original script.

The duo, composed of Manuel Sánchez and Luis Guillermo “Bigote” Villalobos, took two months to translate the play into popular verse. The story itself will not have any important changes, except for some names such as Hippolyta and Theseus (now Juan and Justa), given that the Payadores had the instructions of “rescuing the essence of every act and the voice and tone of the characters, but at the same time, providing a register that highlights Comedy”. According to Noguera, this play has a roguish element that is always lost in translations, “but thanks mainly to the quartet, the seguidilla, free verse and décimas, a unique language arose. They (the Payadores) restructured it as they thought fit”.

Besides being presented in many districts in Santiago, the play will be touring up north, putting on shows in Iquique, Antofagasta and Mejillones. Before its big opening, Noguera also wants to publish the rewritten text as a book, since “it has a unique value (…), and its proper publication would keep a register that goes beyond this staging”.

The cast will count with Ricardo Fernández, Catalina Stuardo, Paloma Moreno and Diego Noguera. The father of the latter, Héctor himself, will play Urbano, besides directing the play. The play will open on January 7, 2016, in the middle of the Santiago a Mil International Festival.