Hot-air balloon rides are the new tourist attraction in San Pedro de Atacama

The new product, an associate of Turismo Chile, has the capacity to carry 16 and 8 passengers, besides being operated by professional pilots with world level experience.


On August 12, the company Eastern Safaris launched “Balloons Over Atacama”, a new and exciting experience that allows you to fly on hot-air balloons over the Atacama Desert, close to San Pedro de Atacama, one of the most visited destinations in Chile.

Through daily flights, the travelers will have the opportunity to experience how it is to fly above one of the most unique landscapes in the world. The visitors will also be able to enjoy the wonderful Atacama Desert, which offers spectacular sights such as rock formations and extensive salt flats, surrounded by beautiful and ancient volcanos.

Before the take-off, those who take this flight can enjoy some tea, coffee, fruit and freshly baked cakes. The company will offer two different kinds of services: classic and premium. The first is for 16 passengers per flight, divided in four-people-compartments. Once they land, passengers can enjoy a toast with some sparkling wine.

Those in search for a more exclusive and intimate experience can buy the premium service. The passengers who choose this option will travel in a smaller balloon, divided in four compartments of two people each. The toast will be made with a high-quality sparkling wine and everyone will get a picture of the flight. Transportation from the hotel to the take-off/landing site is also included.
Prices go from 300 USD per person and you can book your flight via e-mail on this address: