Hot Chilean musical talents perform in capital’s culinary hub

After two successful outings, Santiago’s Jazz in La Vega festival returns, showcasing homegrown talent in the famous market.

Visiting Santiago’s famous La Vega market is always an experience. Walking through the seemingly endless corridors of Santiago’s culinary hub the senses are bombarded: the scent of fresh herbs, and a panoply of spices fills your nose; bright colors of exotic fruits catch your eye; and, if you take a minute to indulge your appetite in one of the many restaurants, your tastebuds will be forever grateful.

Something not usually associated with the market, though, is music. That is, until the Jazz in La Vega event debuted here in 2011 treating audiences to performances by some of the nation’s top jazz artists in the midst of this lively commercial, social and, of course, gastronomical center.

Previous installments have seen the likes of Jazzimodo and Valentín Trujillo take to the stage in this free event that defines its mission as to entertain the city’s residents in one of Chile’s key patrimonial sites.

The 2013 event will take over the market for two days — this Friday and Saturday — of live music which organizers predict will draw large crowds throughout. This year’s lineup features a wealth of homegrown talent: Karen Rodenas Quartet; the Cristián Gallardo Trio; Christian Gálvez & The Organ Quartet; Antonio Restucci & Sagare Trio and the Interestelar Trio.

In addition to free entrance, the event’s organizers — the Vega Central market, the Council of Arts and Culture and the Municipality of Recoleta — are also offering free parking to ensure the festival is accessible to all.

Chile has a well-earned reputation for exciting markets. La Vega itself was recently voted the 4th best market in the world by The Daily Meal. Also ranking high in culinary prestige is Mercado Central, the capital’s go-to-place for fresh seafood. And if you’ve had your fill of top-quality grub, there are always Chile’s numerous arts and crafts markets, such as the acclaimed Los Dominicos Artisan Center in eastern Santiago.