Hot Springs in Chile

As June is already here, we realize that we are almost in the middle of the year, and that more than ever we need some time to relax. Winter is coming and it gets difficult to find quiet places to get some rest. In this note you can find a list of hot springs to enjoy winter in a different way.

Pablo Trincado | Flickr
Pablo Trincado | Flickr

Baños de Puritana Hot Springs – Antofagasta Region

Only 27 km from San Pedro de Atacama, you will find the Baños de Puritama; which name means “hot waters” in indigenous language. It is formed by 5 pools with a water temperature that goes between 25 and 30 °C degrees. It has become famous because of the healing properties of the water, specially for treatments regarding muscle pain and rheumatism.

Socos Hot Spring Hotel – Coquimbo Region

This hot spring center is located in Ovalle, and it has existed for 50 years. The place is known for its variety of services, offering underwater massages that are used to treat muscle tension and to improve circulation.

Jahuel Hot Springs – Valparaíso Region
The Jahuel hot springs are placed in the middle of a rural pre andean landscape, surrounded by hills and valleys. A century of history supports the gratifying experience provided by its pools. The place offers the possibility to visit the area for the day or to organize a stay, where you can also can enjoy walks and horseback rides.

Colina’s Valley Hot Springs – Metropolitana Region

9 outdoor pools located in the pre andean area of Cajón del Maipo. The water temperature changes from 25°C, in the lower pools, up to 55°C in the pools located higher. The water has a magmatic origin, coming from the inside of San José Volcano. It also has healing properties; alleviating rheumatic pain as well as helping with dermal wounds, and the purification of toxins.

Cauquenes Hot Springs – O’Higgins Region

With the Cachapoal river sounding in the back, surrounded by forests and just a few kilometers from Machalí, you can find these hot springs with water temperatures between 42 and 48 ° C degrees that have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. From this center it is also possible to organize trips to the Río Cipreses Reserve and to the national heritage site; Sewell.

Chillán Hot Springs – Bío Bío

One of the most popular hot springs at a national level, it has a great variety of services open to the visitors, including ski courts during winter season. It also offers activities such as trekking, horseback rides, climbing walls, canyoning and rapel; in order to enjoy the perfect conditions that the pre andean region of the Bio Bio regions has to offer, besides from the hot spring pool, which has a temperature around the 60°C degrees.

Geométricas Hot Springs – Los Ríos Region

In the border between La Araucanía and Los Ríos Regions, you can find the marvellous Geométricas hot springs. They are known for its structure, that connects 20 outdoor pools by means of bridges made of native wood, with an impressive waterfall at the end of one of its roads. All this in the middle of the native forests of Villarrica National Park.

Aguas Calientes Hot Springs – Los Lagos Region
The Aguas Calientes Hot Spring are located in the middle of Puyehue National Park, offering the experience of taking a bath in an outdoor pool with a temperature of around 75°C by the side of Chanleufú river. The main attraction of this place is the easy access to the river, where you can swim in the cold waters and then bath in the hot springs; activity that helps the healing of muscle pain.

Puerto Bonito Hot Springs – Aysén Region

Located near the Palena river. In order to access this place you will need to walk about an hour in the nature. Their waters can reach 45°C and are free for those who decide to go.