Hot water springs in southern Chile

There are more one hundred hot water springs situated in forests and other peaceful settings.


The Coñaripe Hot Water Springs enjoy a privileged location among the hills, covered by trees, with incredible quietness, and no cell phone coverage.  It is an ideal place to disconnect.  Among the accommodations available are cabins for rent and a small hotel.  The water temperatures of the springs range in temperature from 39º and 42° Celsius.  These spring waters contain sodium, potassium, calcium, chloride, boron, magnesium, and iron among others. Visitors are encouraged to walk to nearby Pellaifa Lake where a sunken forest makes for a unique photo opportunity.  The hot springs are located 60 km southeast of Villarrica City.

The Huife Hot Water Springs are located on the shore of the Liucura River about 33 km northeast of Pucón.  The site offers a fun challenge to visitors: to soak in the hot water and then jump into the cold river. There is a luxury hotel located close to the springs featuring an excellent restaurant and spa.

At Menetué Hot Water Springs, like other hot springs in the area, there is an overwhelming silence that many find appealing. The hot springs are located about 30 km from Pucón.  In addition to the natural hot springs, the park offers a Jacuzzi overlooking the mountains, herbal baths, Scottish showers, etc.  Cabins are available for rent and there is also a restaurant.

The Puyehue Hot Water Springs are situated in the Puyehue National Park, it is located 76 km east of Osorno. The 5-star hotel features all-inclusive service.  Amenities include indoor and outdoor pools, saunas, hydro massages, and a complete spa. Other services include horseback riding, trekking, mountain biking, and ecotourism.  The springs are also located close to Aguas Calientes Hot Water Spring and the Winter Ski Resort Antillanca.