Huilo Huilo Reserve wins National Geographic Award

The reserve won the World Legacy Award in the category of “Conserving the Natural World”

Huilo Huilo
Imagen: Christian Córdova

The private reserve Huilo Huilo, located in Panguipulli commune in Los Ríos Region, is characterized by having an unparalleled and little explored ecosystem. This feature makes it an interesting place of investigation for scientists and also for conservation on a global scale. It possesses a great variety of habitats and exceptional plant formations, besides being home to protected Chilean flora and fauna and to endemic species, like the Huemul (an endangered species), and the Valdivian temperate rainforest, protected from timber industry.

This is why the Huilo Huilo Reserve was nominated to the World Legacy Awards in the “Conserving the Natural World” category, which it earned on March 5th. The award, created by National Geographic Society in association with ITB Berlin, fair leader in global tourism industry, seeks to award the sustainable tourism transformation of the travel industry and encourage people’s Earth awareness.

There were 150 destinations from 56 countries that were in the run for the awards, from which 15 finalists were chosen for five different categories. Huilo Huilo won in its category, leaving behind the two other contestants: AndBeyond from África, and Conservation Ecology Centre, from Australia.