In search of relaxation: Chile’s 9 most chilled out spots

From northern deserts to southern Patagonia, here’s a peek at Chile’s top spas – ideal for weary travelers looking to kick back.

Chile’s potential for trekking, kayaking, mountain biking, skiing, and rock climbing attracts outdoorsy types from all over the world. While the Andean nation’s natural wonders inspire adventurers, they can also bring peace and tranquility to those who seek relaxation. Below, check out El Mercurio’s Ya magazine’s fabulous list of nine of Chile’s top spa retreats, from Chile’s northern deserts to the pristine Patagonian landscapes of the south.

1. Yukuy Spa, Iquique, Tarapacá Region
This spa in Chile’s northern Atacama Desert focuses on Masaje Andino or Andean Massage. This local technique combines basaltic stones, and Andean herbs and seeds. Spoil yourself with their passion fruit and guava seed exfoliation followed by a full body wrap.
Latorre 339, Oficina 12, Tel. (57)344358

2. Refugio el Molle, Valle del Elqui, Coquimbo Region
This innovative thermal bathing complex has outdoor wooden baths about 18 miles (30 kms) from La Serena. The soothing hot waters are spiked with sea salt and aromatic herbs. Besides bathing services, Refugio el Molle offers jade stone massages.
Balmaceda, El Molle, Valle del Elqui,

3. Piedra de Agua, Curauma, Valparaíso Region
Located amidst woods and beside a lagoon, Piedra de Agua specializes in Japanese spa treatments. It offers Kobido facial lifts and Shiatsu massages.
Av. Borde Laguna 222, Curauma, Valparaíso. (32)2294250.

4. Manavai, Easter Island, Valparaíso Region
Part of the Hotel Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa on Easter Island, this spa focuses on hot rock massage. Its Baño de Luna treatment incorporates exfoliation, masks, and a relaxing massage using oils obtained from tropical island fruits.
Av. Pont, Hangaroa, Isla de Pascua. (32)2553700,

5. Antumaco, Lago Villarica, Araucanía Region
Part of the Hotel Antumalal, this spa has glistening vistas of the adjacent Lago Villarica. Waterfalls and verdant forests comprise the luscious surroundings. Antumaco specializes in craniosacral therapy, an experimental tactic that uses pressure to manipulate cranial bones hoping to restore balance and equilibrium to a patient.
Km 2 Camino Pucón,

6. E-Mu, Pucón, Araucanía Region
An integral health spa, E-Mu combines yoga, meditation, massage and holistic therapy. Shaluha-Ka is its star innovation, a 90-minute therapy that hopes to bring the physical, emotional, and mental realms into equilibrium by way of head, hand, foot, and back massages, and an aura cleaning. The treatment concludes with a tarot reading.
Lincoyán 291, Pucón, (45)444935

7. Lawenko, Huilo Huilo, Los Ríos Region
With an eye towards supporting the local economy, Lawenko, part of Hotel Baobab, infuses treatments with local products. Take a hot honey massage that rejuvenates and leads to unbeatable silky skin. Rosemary baths help minimize muscle pain while lemon balm infused waters reduce stress and depression. Besides exotic treatments, Lawenko incorporates a pool, sauna and steam room, and a poolside bar.
Km 55 Camino Internacional Panguipulli, Neltume.

8. Hotel Puyehue, Puyehue, Los Lagos Region
The spa at Hotel Puyehue hones Caribbean techniques in its illustrious spa. A full-body coconut exfoliation can hydrate and soften the skin, with the added benefits of helping scarification and swelling. Honey, clay and avocado are some other ingredients used in other soothing treatments.
Termas Puyehue Wellness & Spa Resort, Ruta 215 Km. 76 Puyehue, Osorno.

9. Aiken Spa, Puerto Natales, Magallanes Region
Hotel Indigo Patagonia’s Aiken Spa sits at the water’s edge overlooking the Fiordo de Última Esperanza. One of their treatments employs the Magellan barberry, high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. This treatment is especially helpful after strenuous exercise and helps to relieve pain and tension.
Ladrilleros 105 Puerto Natales, Patagonia. (61)613450