International adventure race kicks off in Chile next year

Teams will take part in a series of mountain bike, trekking and canopy challenges over the three-day event.

Dozens of amateur endurance athletes and adrenaline junkies will gather in Chile’s Maule Region next March to take part in a grueling, three-day adventure challenge.

Kicking off at 9:30 am on Friday, March 30, the inaugural International Conquer Maule Adventure Race will follow a 220 mile route covering difficult terrain through the Andes and along the Pacific coast.

Participants will compete in teams of two for prizes in three separate categories: Pehuenche, for people aged 45 and under; Picunche, for people aged over 45; and University, for students and academics.

The race begins in the seaside town of Constitución, with teams competing in a combined mountain bike and trekking challenge for the Joel Lizama Trophy, named in honor of a local sporting identity who lost his life in the September plane tragedy in the Juan Fernández Islands.

For the second stage of the race, competitors will hop back on their bikes for a tough climb up into the Andes, where they will receive food and support at a scheduled checkpoint.

While they’re up in the mountains, teams will battle it out on a demanding canopy and rappelling course, followed by an extreme trekking challenge that will finish on Saturday afternoon.

After a short rest, competitors will begin an overnight mountain bike stage that will take them to the outskirts of Talca, where the race will end and the overall winner will be decided.

Participants must pay a CLP75,000 (US$150) registration fee to take part in the race, with a CLP15,000 (US$30) deposit required by January 15. Payment details and an electronic registration form (in Spanish) can be found on the official race website.

Teams will meet for a final registration and accreditation in Constitución on Thursday, March 29 at 2 pm.

All participants must bring a health certificate stating that they are in a suitable physical state to take part in the grueling challenge. Children can take part in the race but they must provide written permission from their parents.