International Documentary Festival in Chile opens with new surprises

The FIDOCS will be show documentaries at the GAM, Teatro Lastarria and Universidad de Chile through the 2nd of July. 

The 16th International Documentary Festival in Santiago (FIDOCS) this year, promises to be an exciting event not just for  viewers, but for filmmakers as well.
The festival, which brings in some 10,000 spectators in Santiago yearly, has shown an impressive 710 documentaries from different parts of the globe.
This year, seventy films will be screened throughout three locations Santiago’s Barrio Lastarria, at the GAM, the Lastarria 90 and the screening room at the Universidad de Chile from the 26th of June until July 2nd.
The festival was founded by Chilean documentary filmmaker, Patricio Guzmán, in 1997 to promote his passion for the array of documentaries he had seen while living abroad. .
Most of all, he wanted to show documentaries to young directors and producers because for many years, he explained, television in Chile didn’t broadcast European documentaries. Guzmán wanted to an open platform for artistic medium he  fondly called, “the photo albums of a country.”
In the 16th year of the festival, it remains obvious that he wishes to encourage budding filmmakers. A new section has opened, allowing for companies and national institutions to work with different areas of documentary making, advertise their work and create a link between filmmakers and producers.
Each company will hold a short presentation about their line of work and teach aspiring filmmakers what they should know about financing, producing and distributing their documentaries – basic but essential tools.
Another important addition in this festival is the First Cut, a competition that will screen works in progress from Chileans or resident filmmakers, who have wrapped up filming and are currently editing or putting the final flourishes on their films.
As if one competition wasn’t enough, Cinépata, a partner in the organization, is hosting an online competition for documentarists. The winning film will be given a  $500 dollar cash prize.  This makes the FIDOC, the first film festival in Chile to award a cash prize based on popular vote.
FIDOCS is sure to impress this year. Don’t miss it! Also be sure to tour beautiful Barrio Lastarria, known for their shops and cafes.
Tickets are CLP 2,500 at the GAM.

The complete program for the festival can be found here.