International film festival returns to Chile’s capital

From August 17-25, Chilean moviegoers will once again be treated to the dynamism and creativity of SANFIC, this year featuring five world premieres. 

With its films winning both Best International Picture at Sundance and the Art Cinema Prize at Cannes, 2012 has already been a big year for Chilean cinema.
Now Chile is looking to bring that success home with the eighth incarnation of the Santiago International Film Festival, or SANFIC8, which is expected to build on its growing global reputation.
Offering viewers the best of both domestic and foreign film, the festival will continue to raise the curtains on films by famed directors and emerging talent, with SANFIC8 including 20 Latin American premieres and five world premieres on its line-up.
More than 30 Chilean films will be screened over eight-day event, which will also include films from France, China, the United States, Colombia, the UK, Germany, Argentina, Cuba, Canada and Italy, among other countries.
The festival will divide the films into two competitions, international films and recent Chilean productions, and also include several other film cycles, including a retrospective of Chile’s award-winning composer for film, Jorge Arriagada.
Arriagada was best known for his long-term collaboration with legendary Chilean director Raúl Ruiz, whose films will feature heavily in the retrospective, including La Noche de Enfrente, his last ever film.
Presiding over the competitions will be an impressive delegation of judges including; Italian actress Francesca Neri, Chilean director Alexander Will, Russian film director Victor Kossakovsky, Chilean filmmaker Shawn Garry, and Peruvian artist Jota Castro.
Outside of the cinema
Moviegoers interested in something more can explore deeper perspectives of the creative cinematic process by taking advantage of panels, expositions and seminars by recognized national and international film industry leaders.
Our pick of SANFIC8’s related activities will be a concert to honor the classical, contemporary and folk compositions of Jorge Arriagada, and performed by the classical orchestra of the Universidad de Santiago.
The event will be held on Monday, August 20, at the Estación Mapocho cultural center and will also feature Chilean soprano, Patricia Cifuentes and conductor, David del Pino Klinge.
Tickets to the orchestra will cost US$6.20 (CLP3,000) for general admission and US$16.50 (CLP8,000) for VIP, and will be available at Ticketek and the ticket window.
For more special events can be found on the SANFIC8 website (in Spanish).
Movies times, locations and prices
Movies will be screened at the Cine Hoyts cinemas and the Cineteca Nacional at the La Moneda cultural center.
Show times will be made available online at Cine Hoyts website and that of the Cineteca Nacional (both in Spanish), while tickets can bought online or at the cinemas.
Admission to the film screenings will range from US$5.15 (CLP2,500) for general admission to US$3.10 (CLP1,500) for students and senior citizens.