Jazz festival comes to Chile’s capital

The fifth installation of the Festival de Jazz held in Las Condes will begin on Wednesday and run through to Sunday.

From January 25 until January 29, Chile’s most talented jazz musicians will perform alongside exciting international acts in one of the country’s preeminent festivals of the genre, the Festival de Jazz Internacional Las Condes.

Now in its fifth year, the five-day open-air festival held in Parque Padre Hurtado will aim to cover a broad range of jazz styles.

“This year’s festival stands out because a great range of international performers with a wide variety of styles will be there,” Chilean trumpeter Cristián Cuturrufo told La Tercera. “The arrangements are original and exclusive to this event. Attendants are in for a great jazz tour.”

The trumpeter will perform on the opening night alongside U.S. orchestra conductor, Carl Hammond, in a tribute to jazz legend Duke Ellington.

The musicians will share the stage with Christian Gálvez, Federico Danemman and Carlos Cortés of Trío Altazor, who Cuturrufo describes as the “the most accomplished musicians of the national jazz scene.”

Wednesday evening will also feature Chile’s young jazz success story, Camila Meza and her band, who are returning to their native country of origin from New York, where they are based.

Thursday evening will be opened by guitar virtuoso from Concepción, Nicolás Vera Quinteto, and followed by Maxi Funk Jazz, an iconic local jazz act and one of the most innovative performers in the country.

On Friday, Chilean Natalia Corvetto will perform with her group, who mix jazz, bossanova and soul with other Latin American styles, followed by a solo performance from Trío Altazor.

Popular local artist Agustín Moya Cuarteto will open Saturday night, before blues takes center stage with back-to-back performances from Star Blues Machine and JC Blues.

The final night of the festival will be opened by another New York-based Chilean, Melissa Aldana and her group. Next up will be a nu jazz exponent, Danish pianist Carl Winther, before the uptempo Descarga Habanera from Cuba bring the show to a close.

Every evening the show begins at 9:00 pm. Tickets can be bought at the door for US$4 (CLP2000).