Juegos Diana: 80 years of joy and memories for Chilean people

The 80th birthday celebration took place in its premises on December 8th. Here we go over the history behind this electromechanical and electronic amusement park, which brings back many wonderful memories to all Chileans.

Juegos Diana

The Juegos Diana are definitely in each of Santiago’s inhabitants’ memories. It has captivated the whole family with wholesome games and entertainment, becoming a tradition that passes from generation to generation. The park turned 80 years this year.

Its history dates back to the ‘30s. In that time, Don Roberto Zúñiga Peñailillo started a business in the entertainment field with a little target shoot stand in Bandera street, right in Santiago downtown. After this, this little stand became a big park that had aiming games and mechanical games.

In 1973, his son, Don Roberto Zúñiga Cabezas, started the transformation of the family business by importing machines from the United States, which gave way to the modernization and positioning of the Juegos Diana as one of the most important amusement parks of the capital.

On this year’s July, for winter vacations, some of the games were moved to the Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral square (Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center). The exhibition reported a high turnout, which evidences the cult characteristic that the Juegos Diana has in Chilean popular culture. Today, more than 80 years from its opening, the park continues to amaze adults and children and, of course, the nostalgic ones.