July in the South of Chile

Los Rios Region invite us all to know more about its culture, charm us with its products and enjoy its activities.

Roderik Hendersen / Fundacion Imagen de Chile
Roderik Hendersen / Fundacion Imagen de Chile

Known for having one of the most beautiful cities of the country, Valdivia, Los Ríos Region is one of the favourite places for those who are in love with the south of our country. With captivating landscapes, including lakes and rivers surrounded with a unique flora and fauna, the authorities of the region have created events in order to attract visitors and locals, through a series of activities that reflect their traditions, culture and help to forget the routine.

We offer you a selection of events that will be held in Valdivia and other areas of the region.

Valdivia Gourmet Winter Expo

For second year in a row this event will be held in the regional capital. «La Botica del Té», along with the Municipality of Valdivia, have gathered a total of 20 exponents of gourmet gastronomy both from the region and nearby cities, with the purpose of increasing the sales of regional and high quality products. Among the different products that will be available for purchase are those made with maqui, several types of jam, beef jerky, tea and coffee, chocolate, and many others.
9° South Women Encounter

Since 2009 this creative-cultural event is being carried out in the south region of our country. The ninth version of this encounter will be held under the motto «The power of food», and has as its main goal to provide with a few tips about conscious and healthy nutrition. The encounter will also have several talks, children’s activities and workshops, cooking lessons, products and food trucks.
1° Panguipulli Winter Crazy Cars Version

The Municipality of Panguipulli has organized for the first time this event that seeks to entertain and reflect the culture of the region. Those interested in participating can sign up with their own racing cars, which have to be original and portrait the unique aspects of the commune. Those who do not wish to participate are invited to watch the race.
5° Futrono Wool Expo

The profession of working in wool has been part of the traditions of the commune for many years, with craftsmen and women working with this material through different styles. The main purpose of this event is to promote and spread these works created by 40 different artists, along with 3 areas designated to the exhibition of these pieces.
Ornithes, a journey through the world of wings

Los Ríos CONICYT, through its PAR Explora programme, brings to the city of Valdivia this exhibition of different illustrations created by the national artist Jorge Ruiz. The exhibition is composed of a total of 20 different types of wings, whose main purpose is to show how these animals flight. It is also intended to provide information about these birds, all of them part of our national territory, whether it is about their habitat, their forms or the beautiful colors of their wings.