Kayaking in Chile

Downriver along channels that run from the mountains to the sea. Nature, adrenaline and adventure: an incredible experience.


You are invited to feel the water in your face while rowing to avoid the obstacles that the river puts in your way amid the mountains and wooded nature. Chile has world-class rafting waters. The best time of the year is in the summer, between November and March, when the rivers swell from the thawing snow pack.

World-class rivers with different levels of complexity can be found from Santiago to the south, until reaching the king of them all: the Futaleufú River and its powerful waters. Located in the Los Lagos Region along the Carretera Austral, the world’s best river rafters and kayakers come to it. There are calmer options in the Metropolitan Region and the adrenaline flows equally once one is going down the river.

Central Valley and Santiago

Maipo River: Metropolitan Region, Melocotón sector 22 km from the village of Guayacán. Class III and IV.

Teno River: Seventh Maule Region. Spring. Class III.

Maule River: Seventh Maule Region. Spring. Class III.

Claro River: Seventh Maule Region. Located in the Radal 7 Tazas National Reserve, it is characterized by its waterfalls.

Lakes and Volcanoes

Bío-Bío River: Eighth Bío Bío Region. Southeast of Los Angeles. Class V.

Trancura River: Ninth Araucanía Region. Located 14 km from Pucón. From November to March. Class III and IV.

Petrohué River: Tenth Los Lagos Region.


Futaleufú River: Tenth Los Lagos Region. Located 155 km southeast of Chaitén. From mid-January to mid-March. Class V.

Espolón River: Tenth Los Lagos Region. Considered training for Futaleufú.

Baker River: Eleventh Aysén Region. Located 10 km northeast of Cochrane. Summer. Class V.

Serrano River: Twelfth Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica Region. Class I.