Label brings music from Chile’s Antarctica to the world

Factoría Parlante helps musicians from Puerto Williams connect to a global audience via short film clips from the world’s southernmost town.  

Puerto Williams, the capital of the Chilean Antarctic Province on the windswept isle of Navarino, has a population of a just over 2,200.
It is known as a gateway to the Antarctica, a base for exploring the wild southern reaches of Patagonia, famous for its remoteness and sheer rugged beauty.
What it is not known for, however, is a thriving local music scene. But that could be on the verge of changing, thanks to the work of Factoría Parlante, the Magallanes Region’s first record label.
In the film above, local musician Porrego’s Blues performs “Tiempo Perdido” (“Lost Time”) against the backdrop of one of the glacial lakes dotting the area around Puerto Williams. As the lyrics say, “only one place can put an end to this soliloquy,” and it would seem that place would be the remote beauty of the world’s southernmost city.
Porrego’s Blues is just one example of the small group of talented musicians from the area, working with Factoría Parlante to bring the local sound to a wider regional audience through film clips, gigs and radio shows.
But the agency’s objectives are more ambitious than just organizing local shows and getting their bands on community radio – Factoría Parlante aims to take its musicians to the global stage.
Factoría Parlante has shot a series of short film clips, documentaries and demo sessions of its musicians, with the breathtaking backdrop of this Patagonian province in the background, along with the homes, bars and venues that make up the tightly-knit Puerto Williams community.
Now the booking agency is using the internet to spread these little-known Chilean musicians to the world, and to create a digital library of the Magallanes Region’s music scene.
Check out more Factoría Parlante film clips on its Vimeo account.