Largest online Spanish educational platform comes to Chile

Startup Floqq offers over 600 online Spanish language tutorials and chose Chile for the base of its Latin American operations.

Already the largest Spanish language educational platform in cyberspace, Start-up Floqq began its first Latin American operations this month, using Chile as its base on the continent.

Currently Floqq offers over 600 tutorials online from, sushi making or furniture restoration to pragmatic courses on the nuts and bolts of the latest computer software. While some tutorials are free, most average between US$ 10-20 (CLP 5,000-10,000).

Floqq’s founders are a multi-cultural bunch hailing from the USA, Spain, Germany, France, Slovenia, Cuba, Russia, and Chile. In a joint statement they explained where the idea for Floqq originated.

“[Floqq] is the result of experiencing first-hand the problem that many young professionals face: the disconnection between one’s educational formation and one’s job.”

Floqq addresses this challenge by providing affordable ways for Spanish speakers to continually educate themselves and better prepare themselves for the job market.

Greenlighted on March 19 in Latin America, Floqq was first founded in Spain in 2012. Within its first week in Spain Floqq already had 3,000 users. Now the platform has over 12,000 users and 15,000 hours of online courses logged.

Floqq’s ability to launch in Chile comes in part thanks to Start-Up Chile, the Chilean government’s innovative entrepreneur funding initiative. Using Chile as its Latin American base, Floqq is now available in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru – all nations with high levels of internet access.

“The skills that are demanded by the labor market constantly change and the rhythm is so fast that the traditional system of educational formation makes it almost impossible to keep-up,” co-founder and Director of Marketing at Floqq said in a statement.

Start-Up Chile

Dating back to 2010, Start-Up Chile grants start-ups that qualify US$ 40,000 to embark on their business ventures in Chile. Since its initiation, Start-Up Chile has brought more than 1,000 entrepreneurs to the country. To learn more about Start-Up Chile and about how to apply for funding visit the webpage.