Last chances to catch Banff Mountain Film Fest’s tour in Chile

Showcasing a gamut of extreme sports, Banff Mountain Film Fest has two Chilean dates left in Pucón and Puerto Natales.

The Canada-based Banff Mountain Film Fest’s (BMFF) world tour has been touring throughout Chile and has already made stops in Santiago, Puerto Varas, San Pedro de Atacama and a number of other locations. Don’t miss the festival’s last two last screenings in Chile, with one on January 11 in Pucón and another on February 15 in Puerto Natales.
BMFF showcases the best outdoor films from all over the globe.
“[Films will include] everything from extreme sports like mountain climbing, kayaking, skiing, and mountain biking, to environmental films,” Patrick Moore, coordinator of BMFF in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Perú, told This is Chile. “You have cultural films as well.”
About 1,000 filmmakers enter their films in the competition, according to Moore.
“Out of that I have about 25 to 30 I can choose from and it may vary across different regions in Chile. Some locations have more skiing, others have more kayaking.”
In the Puerto Natales screening special guest Steve Swenson, world-class mountaineer and current president of the American Alpine Club will host BMFF. Swenson was recently awarded the prestigious Piolets d’Or award, one of the most important international awards for mountaineers.
Banff film festival dates back to 1976 in the rural, mountain town of Banff in Alberta, Canada. Aiming to corral the best international adventure and mountain films, Banff mountain film fest grew annually before launching its world tour in 1986.
Now, each year after the film festival in Banff ends in November, the annual world tour travels to 32 different nations internationally from Scotland to China. Each year, more than 245,000 people attend the annual events with over 635 international screenings.
Wherever Banff may travel across the globe, it brings with it a common energy and collective spirit.
“The Mountain Film Festival brings together the mountain community and actually anyone with the love for the great outdoors, to share in the true spirit of adventure,” Moore explained in a statement. “From armchair adventurers to weekend warriors, along with the international mountain community – our enthusiastic audience brings the energy to the event!”
Well-known bar Mamas y Tapas in downtown Pucón will host BMFF in the evening on January 11. Tickets vary from US$6 (CLP 3,000) for students and US$7 (CLP 3,500) for general admission. Additional discounts are available if you purchase the tickets through a North Face store.  February 15th’s showing in Puerto Natales will be held at Colegio Bernardo de O’Higgins. For more information visit the festival’s website. For additional BMFF dates internationally visit the Banff Center’s webpage.
By Gwynne Hogan