Latest Start-up Chile success combines wanderlust and adventure

The team behind Epiclist, the latest travel app, hopes to create a space for sharing and dreaming that will inspire users to seek out adventure.

Born out of the experiences and passions of its founders Olga Reimgen and Stan Bugaev, the new Epiclist mobile app is the newest way to connect global wanderers, adventurers, and dreamers.

The app is a platform where you can follow the journeys of other users, either friends, strangers, or famous adventurers; learn from their itineraries and plans and share your own travel stories — all from the palm of your hand.

“Stan, the co-founder and I  have always been passionate about travel, adventure and exploring! Whenever we have time, we grab our backpacks and go to the mountains, take a road trip to the beach or plan the next trip. And as we have always been looking for new ideas and activities, we keep having struggles finding unique things to do,” Olga Reimgen told This is Chile.

She said this problem, which it appears is something many of us struggle with, was what led to the creation of Epiclist.

“This problem is faced by everyone and in the rising jungle of information it became harder than ever, browsing through tons of web pages, asking friends for help or reading blogs to find interesting pieces of information,” Olga said. “So we had an idea. Why not create a simple way for people to share their activities and adventures, helping others discover those and get inspired to do them as well.”

Using the App, you can follow other users and comment on their activities. For instance, famous british-based adventurer Alastair Humphreys uses the app to map out his travels and share his experiences across the world through photos and blog posts. If what he is doing inspires you, you can create a type of personalized  travel bucket list to help you prepare for your own adventure.

Epiclist founders Olga and Stan have been using the app to track their own journeys as they explore Chile, all part of the job of course.

“Chile is a perfect location for us since it’s great for adventures and outdoor sports. Being here in Chile is incredible for that,” Olga told this is Chile. “We have been trekking in Torres del Paine, hiking up the Villarica Volcano, surfing in Pichilemu and exploring the mountain peaks around Santiago. We have captured and shared all of this experiences in Epiclist, so everyone can discover and do those as well!”

Of course they came to Chile not just for its varied landscapes and countless places to discover, but for the innovative Start-up Chile program, a small business incubator that promotes global entrepreneurship based in Santiago.

The Epiclist was part of the Start-up Chile generation 7.2 and arrived in Santiago with a basic plan for the app, but with many hurdles left to overcome.

“[Start-up Chile] is great! We are surrounded with smart people everyday, who sharing knowledge and skills with each other,” Olga said. “It feels like a big family. It has a lot to offer for startups in our stage.”

The program also gave the Epiclist the logistical support needed to reach its goals and take off.

“They are helping everywhere they can. The stuff is amazing. We got help from getting our [visas]  to introductions to press and other relevant people. They give you a place to work, financial support to cover your business and living costs and helping you learn and grow — More than you can ask for!” Olga said.

Having launched the app in 2013, the team has celebrated a big year. However, they are not slowing down.

“For the end of 2014 we are planning to expand to other platforms,” Olga said. “But the main mission is to motivate more people to go on adventures this year.”

The Epiclist app is available now through the Apple App store, and you can find out more about the project here.