Learning from the pros at Chile’s top ski and snowboard camp

Evolve Chile Ski and Snowboard Camp attracts campers from around the world, and takes advantage of the country’s great snow in July and August. 

When ski and snowboard season wraps up in the northern hemisphere, Chile is just getting ready for action – and Evolve Chile Ski and Snowboard Camp takes full advantage. A camp for skiers and snowboarders between the ages of 13-18, Evolve Chile offers kids the chance to live the endless winter dream on the world-renowned slopes of the Chilean Andes.
Evolve Chile provides a one-of-a-kind camp for kids who want to improve their powder and park riding skills while exploring Chile. The one or two week camp attracts campers from around the world, with the past session – the most diverse yet – including kids from North America, England, Brazil and Italy.
Evolve Chile visits four distinct ski and snowboard locations in Chile: Valle Nevado, La Parva, El Colorado and Termas de Chillán. Campers receive coaching from professional skiers and snowboarders on the unique terrain of each of these celebrated mountains.
While the camp is geared for intermediate to advanced riders, it also caters to beginners. According to professional skier and Evolve Chile coach KC Deane, campers made big improvements on the slopes of the Andes.
“Two brothers from England came to camp this year with less than two months of skiing under their belt,” Deane said in an Evolve Chile blog post. “It was pretty cool seeing those two guys progress an unreal amount in just eight days on snow. They went from getting down the mountain to learning boxes, rails, and were hitting most of the jumps in the park.”
Not many ski and snowboard camps can also include surfing lessons, but remember – this is Chile! Evolve Chile also offers an extension program featuring a three-day surf camp on the waves of Viña del Mar.
If you’re getting jealous, don’t worry – Evolve Chile also offers a week-long camp for adults over 19, complete with heli skiing options.