Learning Spanish

You can learn Spanish to meet your needs in Chile. There are short courses and other courses with up to four sessions per day.


Chile has become a favorite destination for students who want to learn Spanish. The country is safe, politically and economically stable, and offers quality of life, as well as a large variety of schools, institutes and universities featuring a wide range of courses.

Taking an intensive Spanish course in a country where the language is spoken is much more efficient, and also helps to get to know the country. Depending on students’ prior level of Spanish mastery, time available and prices, there is a wide range of options and language programs.

There are intensive courses with classes up to five hours per day, interactive, individual, group, conversation, and grammar classes with different levels. Some last two weeks while others run for several months and even several semesters. Other courses let the student plan his or her own schedule. There are programs for beginners and advanced students.

Before choosing a program, we recommend that the student look into why he or she wants to learn Spanish, for business, travel or simply to enrich his or her general culture. Tailor-made courses can be designed depending on how much time is available. Several courses also include sightseeing and cultural attractions which complement language teaching, such as guided tours of wineries, Isla Negra or Villarrica in Chile’s south.
Prices vary depending on the school and length of the course. Many institutes also offer discounts depending on the day and timetable selected.

If a person has already registered at a university, it is convenient to ask about validation courses; some universities offer language courses for international students. At any rate, it is useful to remember that Spanish spoken in Chile and in Latin America evidences some pronunciation differences compared to Spanish spoken in Spain.

Some institutions where you can learn and practice Spanish:

Instituto Chileno Suizo de Idiomas y Cultura
Address: José Victorino Lastarria # 93, Santiago.
Phone: 56-2-6385414
E-Mail: info@chilenosuizo.cl

Instituto de Idiomas Calbert
Address: La Concepción # 56 Office 702, Providencia. Santiago.
Phone: 56-2-3334924
E-Mail: speak@calbert.cl

International Center
Address: Casa Central, Montaña # 712, Viña del Mar. Valparaíso Region.
Phone: 56-32-2480301
E-Mail: consultas@internationalcenter.cl

Escuela Fronteras
Adress: Pérez Valenzuela 1503, Providencia, Santiago
Phone: 56-2-897 78 87
E-Mail: info@efronteras.com

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso
Adress: Avenida Brasil 2950, Valparaíso
Phone: 56-32-2273252
E-mail: piie@ucv.cl

Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María
Study Spanish
Adress: Avenida España 1680, Valparaíso
Phone: +56 32 265 45 99
E-mail: tutor.oai@usm.cl

Talca University
Spanish on road at Utalca
Adress: Campus Talca, Avda.Lircay s/n-Talca
Phone: +56-71-200390
E-mail: rrii@utalca.cl, rriiutalca@gmail.com

Adress: Avenida Eliodoro Yánez 1593, 13th Floor
Phone: 800 215001

Interactive Spanish School Valparaíso
Adress: Elias 571, C° Cárcel, Valparaíso
Phone: 56 – 92864973
E-Mail: contacto@interactive-spanish.cl

Latin Travel
Address: Padre Mariano # 310 Office 32, Providencia. Santiago.
Phone: 56-2-2055597
E-Mail: latints@latintravel.cl

Chile Inside
Andrés de Fuenzalida 17, oficina 51, Providencia, Santiago
Fono: 56-2-3359072
E-mail: info@chileinside.cl

Adress: Roman Diaz 297, Providencia,Santiago
Phone: 56-2-367 96 06
E-mail: chile@ecela.com

Escuela Bellavista
Adress: Calle del Arzobispo 0605,Providencia, Santiago
Phone: 56-2-732 34 43
E-mail: info@escuelabellavista.cl

Tandem Santiago
Adress: Triana 853, Providencia, Santiago
Phone: 56-2-236 42 41
E-mail: info@tandemsantiago.cl


Address: C/ Alberto Aguilera, 26  28015 – Madrid
Phone: +34 91 594 37 76

Chile Spanish
Address: Mirador # 160-A, Puerto Varas. Los Lagos Region
Phone: 56-9-83612500
E-mail: info@chile-spanish.cl

Woodward Instituto de Idiomas
Address: Avenida Apoquindo # 4248, Las Condes. Santiago.
Phone: 56-2-4812240
E-mail: info@woodward.cl

Address: Padre Mariano # 305, Providencia. Santiago.
Phone: 56-2-235 2341

Center for Languages and Culture
Adress: Juana de Arco 2012, Office 42, Providencia, Santiago.
Phone: 56-2-481 66 25  / 481 6620 Fax: 481 6627
E-mail: info@clcexperiment.cl

HelloChile (Spanish learning, internships, housing and tourism)
Address: Martín Pinzón 9421, Concepción, Región del Bio Bio.
Phone: +56-9-84330101
E-Mail: info@hello-chile.com