Lessons outside the classroom: explore your Chilean university

Make the most of your studies abroad with classes and research trips in the great outdoors of Chile.  

Studying abroad in Chile gives you access to a world-class education and unique research opportunities in one of Latin America’s most technologically advanced countries…but many alums will agree that most of what you learn from your semester abroad will be taught outside the classroom.
Different campuses
Two of the most popular destinations for study abroad students – the Universidad de Chile and the Universidad Católica – both have the benefit of multiple beautiful campuses, located throughout the city of Santiago.
Study abroad programs usually allow students to sample a variety of classes at the beginning of the semester – make sure to travel around and visit classes on other campuses. Not only will you get a chance to see different parts of the city, but each campus is famous for its own “personality” and type of student.
Clubs and groups
Sometimes the best place to meet your fellow classmates is outside the classroom: pay a visit to the university student center, or try a club outside the classroom. One idea? Join a hiking club, either one that’s affiliated with the university or another one.
Research in the field
Many classes offer the chance for hands-on experience in the field: from astronomy to biology to geology, there are plenty of ways to gain practical knowledge in Chile. In the north, students can visit some of the world’s best telescopes and observatories, or take a peek at the samples of the Atacama Desert – a veritable oasis of “extremophiles.”
In Santiago, a wealth of museums and world-class historians bring history to life in the colorful barrios and neighborhoods of the capital. And in southern Chile, the unique endemism of the temperate Valdivian rainforest is a biologist’s dream, letting you make the most of your semester in Chile.