Libraries across Chile attract crowds this April

Film screenings, lectures, readings and other events will be held in public libraries around the nation as Chile opens new chapter in its rich literary history.

Libraries across the country are throwing open their doors to host a wide range of talks, readings and events this April as Chile celebrates the annual Month of the Book.
In addition to celebrating the country’s rich literary tradition, the event aims to throw the spotlight on the role of public libraries as vibrant spaces for culture, entertainment, education and community dialogue.
“It’s important to recognize the work that public libraries do throughout the year to encourage reading,” said Gonzalo Oyarzún, deputy director of the National Public Library System, which organizes the annual event.
“Libraries are planning a series of activities to celebrate the Month of the Book and as a way of carrying out our ongoing mission to promote reading as a key to our community.”
Below, a selection of events to celebrate the Month of the Book.
The National Library is holding an event to demonstrate its vast digital collection and connect readers online. Their Mi Libro Favorito (“My Favorite Book”) competition asks readers to send in a picture of themselves engaging with their favorite book to the library’s Facebook page, with books awarded as prizes for the winner. For more information and to see the pictures, click here.
The National Library and the Library of Santiago are set to host a range of events that will place the capital at the center of April’s celebrations.
In a tribute to Charles Dickens, the National Library is screening film adaptations of his work every Tuesday in April.
On April 17 the library will screen Douglas McGrath’s 2002 adaptation of “The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby,” while on April 24 Roman Polanski’s interpretation of “Oliver Twist” is on the agenda. Both shows start at 7 p.m. in the Sala América auditorium. The library is located at 650 Moneda, near the Metro Santa Lucia.
Not to be outdone by its national counterpart, the Santiago Library is holding a series of entertaining events, including a talk on sexuality in female literature on Thursday, April 19; a Harry Potter-inspired “Hogwarts Day” on Saturday, April 21; and a festival of fanzines in Plaza Zócalo on Saturday, April 28. For more information and a list of events, click here.
The Municipal Library of Valdivia will be one of the most active participants in April’s celebrations outside of Santiago, with a series of events culminating in a recital by local poets on Thursday, April 26. Click here for a list of events.
The library also chose the Month of the Book to launch its new English language center, which holds a wide collection of U.S. literature. The center is currently open to the public following its April 13 launch.
Never a city to miss out on a festival, Valparaíso will share its proud tradition of poetry by launching helium inflated balloons with a cargo of Chilean poetry from Plaza Aníbal Pinto on Friday, April 23.
For information on events in other cities and towns, including Coquimbo, Arica and Frutillar, click here.