“Living Atlas Chile”: A Series that Shows how Chileans Live Football is Released

In the prelude of Copa América 2015, Fundación Imagen de Chile released the third season of “Living Atlas Chile”; an audiovisual project that shows the human geography of the country and highlights the great richness of its people. In this season, the series shows stories of a country that vibrates and is passionate about football, which are narrated through its people, geography, and traditions’ peculiarity

Malabares futboleros

La Roja” hairdresser, an album collector, and Cobresal national team gardener, who keeps the court green in the middle of the desert, are some of the protagonists of the new season of “Living Atlas Chile”, a project created by Fundación Imagen de Chile. This week four episodes of the third season were released; they are specifically football-focused.

The project, which was developed together with Producciones Aplaplac, the creators of 31 Minutos television show, sprung from the belief that one of the best and most powerful ways of showing the country’s image internationally is through people. This is why this project seeks to portrait Chileans from their knowledge and many interests, and throughout its long and diverse territory.

The Executive Director of Fundación Imagen de Chile, Myriam Gómez, drew the attention to Atlas Vivo’s production quality and the role sports have as a builder of image and identity. “Our country will be the host of Copa América 2015 in a few weeks. For more than a month, millions of football lovers will have Chile as their base, which is an unbeatable opportunity to show our country’s attributes to the world. Football builds and reflects identity, specially in our continent, where it reaches a massive, popular, and a highly favourable scale. In this sense, the Living Atlas Chile project has been a valuable tool for showing a kind, authentic, and warm Chile through football,” she stated.

“Living Atlas Chile” already has two seasons and 100 episodes in www.atlasvivodechile.com. It registers around 2,500,000 reproductions since its uploading from June 2010 onwards.

Every week there will be new episodes of this series, which was directed by Álvaro Díaz, from Producciones Aplaplac, uploaded starting this month. As the videos are released, they will be published in the www.atlasvivodechile.com, the Thisischile Youtube channel, and in Facebook community Amigos de Chile, and in the english language community This is Chile in later May.

The third season has 25 episodes, and they will tell the stories of, for instance, the finals of the Mapuche tournament; Jota Master Barber, “La Roja’s” hairdresser; Luis Molina, who does ball juggling in street corners; how the Tacataca game is manufactured at Remolino manufacture, and the Chilean National Team for blind people, among many others.

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