Living in Chile

Chile has understood how to become an authentic development magnet for its citizens and professionals around the world, given the consistency of its institutions and economy. With a privileged geography in terms of landscape variety, Chile welcomes foreigners with a perfect mix of natural beauty, social security, political stability, growing human development and modern infrastructure. Together, these features make our country one of the best living destinations in Latin America.


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Contrasts that coexist

As Chile grows and develops, it protects its ecosystem. Eight World Biosphere Reserves are found within its extraordinarily diverse territory.


Tradition moving towards a vision of the future

People who are connected to the world and open to change, without losing their values, that are always moving, with a young spirit and a hunger to learn — lovers of liberty and a respect for diversity.


The challenges of evolution

The sustained economic growth over more than 25 years, along with globalization, has transformed the Chilean society, invigorated the middle class and improved the general expectations of the population.


The coexistence of a variety of expressions

Poets and antipoets; the established and the emerging; the classics and the nonconforming; all of which contribute to Chilean art’s many nuances.


A young nation

A young nation with a firm eye on the future as well as a strong history — bearing the footprint of the continent’s earliest inhabitants who lived here more than 12,500 years previously.


Stable and open to the world

Stability is what best defines the Chilean economy. The breadth of commercial opportunity has propelled solid and sustained growth year in year out.