Living the single life in Chile’s capital

Santiago is a city with an exceptionally high number of unmarried individuals. Check out these popular hang-out spots for singles around town.

Whether outside exercising in Santiago’s great green spaces or at a bar enjoying drinks with friends after work, the single young adults of Chile’s capital know how to have a good time. 

Santiago is a city with an exceptionally high number of unmarried individuals. A 2011 study conducted by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development revealed that 39 percent of Chile’s total population was single, making it the highest (alongside South Korea) of all of the 34 countries examined.

According to the study, Chile’s Metropolitan Region had the largest number of unmarried people in the country, with 1,231,395 singles between the ages of 25 and 44.

Yasna Contreras is a geographer who received her doctorate from the Architecture and Urban Studies program at Universidad Católica. Contreras has studied the behavior of singles in Santiago extensively, and she says there are a variety of elements that make this demographic unique.

«They are the product of the flexible labor market,” Contreras told La Tercera. “They work in banking, communications, computing and gastronomy. Many divide their time between two things; for example, they are entrepreneurs and photographers. Through time management, many singles take full advantage of the activities and opportunities found in the city, from enjoying the plazas to attending cultural performances.”

Park life

According to Contreras, the Santiago single demographic is not bothered by going out alone. Activities like cycling and jogging are very popular, and many live near – and utilize – the city’s great parks.

For Francisca Franco, a 29 year old architect, Cerro San Cristobal is a great place to get outdoors in the city. She lives alone near Barrio Lastarria, and twice a month heads up to the park’s summit by bike.

«I don’t go to meet people, but just the same it’s easy for conversation to get going between cyclists,” she said.

Felipe Riquelme is a 34-year-old commercial engineer that also often exercises in Santiago’s parks. He says that since no one is waiting for him at home, he often heads out later in the evening.

«I like jogging between Bilbao and Vitacura,” Riquelme said. “Young people like me are often out doing various activities around eight in the evening.”

Going out on the town

Many singles in Santiago also have their go-to places for enjoying a drink after work. Here’s a rundown of some of Santiago’s best bars for the singles crowd.

La Junta
A great place to enjoy a beer and watch a televised sports game.
70 Jose Victorino Lastarria, Recoleta

California Cantina
Happy hour specials and a laid back ambiance make this a popular spot for grabbing drinks after work.
Las Urbinas 56, Providencia

Head to this bar in Vitacura for delicious pizzas in an upscale setting.
Av. Vitacura 5336, Vitacura

Sala Omnium
This popular dance club often offers special nights for singles.
Apoquindo 4900, Las Condes

“Club de Baile” Parties
Production company Club de Baile throws popular dance parties throughout Santiago that are popular with the 24-35 crowd.

Santo Remedio
A funky restaurant and bar known for its electronic music nights.
Román Díaz 152, Providencia