Lonely Planet names Chilean valley top spot for romantic travel

Colchagua Valley in Chile’s lush wine-producing zone is recognized as a top spot for honeymooners looking for an ‘intimate and spectacular’ holiday.

Only three hours drive south from the bustling streets of Santiago, Chile’s sweeping vineyards are a world apart in its character.

These lush valleys have a lot more to offer than simply being home to some of the world’s most acclaimed grape varieties — Carménère, Malbec, Cabernet and Syrah to name a few. Chile’s wine heartland boasts a vat of travel potential for any holidaymakers looking to get off the beaten track, avoid the crowds and enjoy some spectacular scenery.

Lonely Planet recently took note in their Best of 2014 roundup, citing the “blissfully unpopulated and impossibly gorgeous” Colchagua Valley as one of its Top Ten Honeymoon Destinations.

Aside from soaking in the scenery, Lonely Planet listed activities — hiking, biking and riding horses — and the chance to explore picturesque colonial towns as recommended things to do in the area.

Alongside Brazil, Chile was the only Latin American country in the list that also featured: caribbean island Saint Lucia; Spain’s Andalusia region; Bali (Indonesia); Cappadocia (Turkey); Marrakech (Morocco); Queenstown (New Zealand); and California & Dunton Hot Springs in the U.S.

Lonely Planet has singled out numerous world-class destinations in Chile over the years.

In 2012, the renowned travel company featured the majestic Carreterra Austral region in a piece on road trips. The lush, verdant forests, set among a dramatic volcano, glacier and fjord-spotted landscape were cited alongside the famed hospitality of the locals as reasons to visit the sparsely populated Patagonian region.