Los Vilos and Pichidangui: Beaches for sailing enthusiasts

Halfway between Santiago and La Serena, these are hotspots for fine dining and nautical sports.


With less than 10,000 inhabitants and 246 kilometers south of La Serena, Los Vilos has two fisherman’s wharves, San Pedro and Las Conchas, as well as special attractions such as Isla de Huevos and Isla de Los Lobos.

These islands are visible from the almost 3 km-long coastal highway and fishing boat tours are available.

29 kilometers further south comes Pichidangui, a beach and ideal spot for windsurfing and kitesurfing due to its steady winds. The church built on the rocks and looking out to sea is not to be missed and there is a handicrafts fair located next to the coastal highway.

The main beach is five kilometers long. There is a beautiful forest in the middle of the area, bordering on the sandy beach with a campsite. There are hiking expeditions to Cueva de la Quintrala, located in the northern area of the beach. According to legend, Catalina de los Ríos y Lisperguer, a wealthy landowner of yore used to throw men that rejected her from this cliff to a certain death.

The Pichidangui wetlands are another tourist attraction. These are located to one side of the town and become the temporary home for bands of migratory birds coming in from the northern hemisphere. Santa Inés hill is also an interesting attraction. Its summit can be reached by crossing the Panamericana highway.

A mixed forest wreathed in mist is visible from the summit, similar to the Fray Jorge national park forest in terms of its richness and biodiversity.