Mafalda comes to Chile in interactive exhibit at Casa de Lo Matta

Famous cartoon of an irreverent young girl presents a side of regional history with a dose of humor and a keen insight into South American culture.

The beloved South American cartoon Mafalda has taken up residency at the cultural center Casa de Lo Matta in Santiago’s Vitacura, bringing humor, satire and the flair of the 60’s cartoons to hundreds of visitors.
The exhibit was originally conceived in Córdoba, Argentina, and 2012 marks the 50-year anniversary of the Argentine cartoon.
The exhibit compiles the comic strips of Argentine cartoonist “Quino,” which have appeared in thousands of newspapers, magazines and compilations through the years since 1962.
The iconic cartoon is characterized by her curious view of everything around her, and she has captured hearts throughout Latin America with her deadpan questioning of the state of the world and social issues, alongside details from her daily life, like her pet turtle, Bureaucracy and her brother Guille.
The first floor features 3D replicas of objects from the cartoon, including a spinning globe with Mafalda’s commentary and a model of her father’s car.
The second floor boasts a series of interactive games, including a station where you can stamp the characters on white sheets of paper and come up with your own original dialogue.
“People of all ages are excited about it; they come out with a smile,” said exhibit director, María Paz Castillo. “Older people remember memories of their time, and younger people enjoy the cartoons.”
Although less people from the younger audience identified the cartoon, she said that children still enjoyed the exhibit and the interactive features, in particular.
With the success of this exhibit, the marketing agency BLN has had the idea to launch a similar expo for Papelucho, a Chilean cartoon equivalent to Mafalda.
Visiting Mafalda in Casa de Lo Matta
The exhibit has been prolonged to July 1, 2012, due to popularity.
Entrance costs about US$14 (CLP 7,000) for adults and US$10 (CLP 5,000) for children under 12; children under four enter free. From Monday to Wednesday, entrance is two-for-one.
Located in Casa de Lo Matta, at Av. Kennedy 9350 in Las Condes, Santiago.