Main crossing between Chile and Argentina implements card to speed up process

The device, similar to the electronic passport used in the European Union, will reduce waiting times on the route preferred by Chileans and Argentines for crossing the border.

Speed up process

So as to reduce people’s waiting time while traveling between Chile and Argentina, the Chilean and Argentine authorities have announced the implementation of a new magnetic card that can be used at the Los Libertadores Pass that connects the two South American countries.

Valparaíso Region Intendant Iván de la Maza and the Deputy Governor of Mendoza Province Cristian Racconto signed the agreement aimed at allowing those who regularly cross the mountains to have a card that provides them expedience,  privacy, and authenticity in the verification of information.

De la Maza said that the implementation is the result of joint work and that it responds to the interest in achieving greater efficiency at the Los Libertadores Pass, the main road for both Chileans as well as Argentines traveling between the two countries.

The creation of the card involved a European specialist, who based his work on the models implemented in the European Union (EU) to expedite and facilitate transportation between countries in the old continent.

The device will operate using a microchip containing the individual’s personal identification data, which includes a digital impression, photograph and even medical records. In addition, the system guarantees that the information cannot be modified arbitrarily and that the companies or institutions that use the cards must be covered by international standards of quality and protection of the personal data of the individuals who acquire the card.