Mapocho-side dining set to open in Chile’s capital

A new complex, opening this month on the banks of Santiago’s Mapocho River, will boast 10 mouth-watering restaurants and cafes.

A new gastronomic space — boasting 10 restaurants and cafes — is set to open in February alongside Santiago’s iconic Mapocho River. The complex will include a Starbucks, Café Cologne and renowned Belgian chef Michel Mathieu’s second restaurant in Chile, coined M2.

The new development is located in Las Condes in eastern Santiago, on the site of the old Santa Rosa stadium next to the Parque Titanium office complex. A public park — six and a half acres in size — is also now available for the public to enjoy before, during and after eating.

The German inspired Café Cologne will house a 90-seat capacity restaurant where people will be able to enjoy a hearty Bavarian breakfast or lunch. There will also be a cafeteria selling delicious treats such as pies, cakes and chocolates.

“The cafeteria will be for people who do not have time to sit and eat – so they will be able to take their food away with them,” Carlos Oñate said, who part-owns the new eatery.

Chile’s first Café Cologne opened on Santiago’s Mac Iver street in 1952 by German immigrants Wilhelm Schlösser and his wife.  In keeping with tradition, the new joint will serve Schlösser’s famous orange cake and apple strudel.

Mathieu, who has already successfully established his well received Ópera, is set to open M2 in this riverside venue. The new restaurant will also be made up of two spaces, the first of which will be serve a range of dishes inspired by Mathieu’s home nation of Belgium.

“The other space will be a sandwich bar, where guests will be able to choose unusual fillings like crab and cheese or roast beef and avocado,” Mathieu said, who was elected 2010 Chef of The Year by the Círculo de Cronistas Gastronómicos de Chile. “People will be able to grab something and take it to the park or their office. There will also be an ice-cream bar.”

Not all of the complex will open simultaneously — it will be a gradual process. Restaurants Potsdamer and Ukai Sushi are two other establishments that will be taking orders very soon.

The boulevard will run along the south bank of the Mapocho and the terraces of the restaurants will enjoy views of both the river and Parque Metropolitano.