Meet the eight start-ups competing at Common Pitch Chile

Beginning November 29, US$35,000 will be up for grabs as Santiago hosts the first edition of the world’s premiere festival for entrepreneurs in Latin America. 

Finalists have been announced for the first edition of Common Pitch to be held in Latin America, which promises to cement Chile’s position as a regional hub for entrepreneurs, technology, and innovation.
Four-hundred-and-four applied, but only eight could be selected for the finale of the three-day event, where the finalists will take to the stage and pitch for the top spot at Common Pitch Chile, an honor which comes with a cool US$35,000 (CLP$16.8 million) in prize money.
Judges had the luxury of choosing from a range of start-ups operating in health, energy, technology, architecture, agriculture, and more, and said they were blown away by the quality of the field.
“We are impressed and inspired by the quality of candidates here in Chile and can’t wait for the final competition,” said Common Pitch Chief Executive Dan Burrier of the Pitch Finale, which will be held at Santiago’s Teatro Huemul on December 1, along with the event’s after party.
Andrea Guendelman, Chilean lawyer, professor, entrepreneur, and guest speaker at Common Pitch Chile agreed.
“I have been to various large-scale entrepreneurial competitions in the United States, particularly in the area of social entrepreneurialism and sustainability, and I think that some of the projects that we have seen at Common Pitch Chile are, if not at the same level, even better than what has been seen in the United States,” Guendelman said. “It’s truly impressive.”
So who are the final eight start-ups?
Be-Cycling: Chilean start-up by Javier Doering, Nicolás Mancilla, and Javier Ramirez that aims to improve bicycle infrastructure in cities. A smartphone application that monitors the mileage of everyday cyclists, it uses corporate sponsorship and social media networking to finance new bike paths.
Tubing Operations for Humanitarian Logistics: TOHL for short, this project, which emerged from Start-up Chile, creates semipermanent water pipelines, and could have huge implications for developing nations, and in dealing with natural disasters.
Proyecto Tinto: Start-up by young Chilean architects Paula Cortes Caballero and Loly Gil Portilla, Proyecto Tinto recycles oak staves by transforming them into stylish and easy to use blocks for panelling.
E Keeper: Electronic system by Gabriel Villalón and Robinson Galvez that manages household and business energy usage by delivering real time consumption information.
Best Pay: Application that allows users to compare wages to evaluate whether job offers are fair, designed by Esteban Errázuriz.
Diabeto: Shreekant Pawar’s bluetooth powered hardware device for diabetics which enables the transfer of glucose readings from a glucometer into a mobile phone.
Papinotas: Online application designed by Natalia Espinoza that enables schools to easily contact parents of students via text messages with information about school meetings.
Bookmart: A platform to buy and read digital academic books, created by Nicolás Charliac, which allows for access by chapter, allowing students to save money and save on photocopying.
For more information on Common Pitch Chile, head to the official website.