Museums and cultural centers

A relaxed stroll to enjoy national heritage in museums and art galleries.

Centros culturales en Santiago

The Fine Arts Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art, both in Santiago’s Parque Forestal, are indispensable places for getting to know classical and contemporary Chilean work.  Getting to know a bird’s-eye view of the Metropolitan Region in the Mirador Interactive Museum, MIM, is also impressive, allowing you to see the city as if flying over it in a 3D video. The MIM is a museum that looks to the future to discover the wonders of science while playing. Other Chilean museums reflect diverse periods and contents. The history of the country, technology, and art has an important heritage to share with the community. You can visit anything from the History Museum to the Contemporary Art Museum, in addition to stopping by the Natural History museum and private museums like the Salvador Allende Solidarity Museum, with its collection of renowned world artists who donated their works to the president, in addition to the Visual Arts Museum or the Fashion Museum, among others. The concept of this circuit is diversity, ranging from traditional facilities to modern exhibition spaces. In the search for variety and modernity, it is recommended that you visit the exclusive Alonso de Córdova neighborhood in the eastern part of the capital, which boasts diverse art galleries.

In regions, the museums of Valdivia, Ancud, and Castro stand out, along with the Pascual Baburizza Museum and the Lucas House-Lookout point in Valparaiso.

Living in Chile allows you to constantly visit diverse cultural centers with varied event agendas. For example, you can admire Violeta Parra’s plastic arts in the La Moneda Palace Cultural Center. Multiple artists and expressions breathe life into the cultural centers. Some of the activities that are presented include book launches, literary workshops, painting and photography exhibits, concerts by singer-songwriters, dance presentations, theater shows and audiovisual seasons, seminars and conferences. In some cases, like the Estación Mapocho Cultural Center, these centers can receive major events. Others, like the Balmaceda 1215 Cultural Center, are veritable talent schools for young people. There is also the option of the bilateral cultural centers that disseminate and promote the culture of their countries of origin.

A list of some of Santiago’s main centers follows:

– Balmaceda 1215
– Matucana 100
– Montecarmelo
– Casona Nemesio Antúnez
– Estación Mapocho
– Palacio de La Moneda
– AMS Marlborough
– Animal
– Artespacio
– Artium
– Cecilia Palma
– Del Cerro
– Isabel Aninat
– La Puerta
– La Sala
– Matthei
– Patricia Ready
– Praxis


– Bucci
– Casa Naranja
– Gabriela Mistral
– Moro
– Fundación Telefónica Chile