New amphitheater heading to Chile’s capital

The state-of-the-art venue will hold 8,000 people and will be located in Plaza de Maipú in southwestern Santiago. 

An underused center square in southwestern Santiago is set to be transformed into a modern campus for performance and entertainment in 2016. The arena will become one of the largest covered buildings in Santiago, second only to Movistar Arena, the Chilean capital’s main amphitheater which holds 16,000 people.
For Mayor of Maipú Christian Vittori, the amphitheater has the potential to become a new landmark for the district.
«We will have a unique place in the western sector of Santiago with a capacity of between 8,000 and 10,000 spectators,” Vittori told La Tercera. “We hope to transform this into an alternative place for high-quality performances to come to our community – like musical, cultural and sporting events.»
The amphitheater will be conveniently located within walking distance of the Plaza de Maipú Metro station.
«Currently the square is abandoned and we believe that the proximity of this area to the public transportation system is a strategic location for the project,» said the Mayor.
According to projections by the municipality, the new center’s architectural design phase will take place in 2013. Construction could begin late next year or early 2014, and would take two years to complete.
Vittori anticipates that the event space will be air-conditioned, offer food sales, provide access for people with disabilities, and feature the latest technology available for massive concerts.  The venue will also include an exhibition hall, cafeteria, and space for basketball and soccer.
According to architect Gonzalo Valderrama, the municipality’s urban adviser and head of the initiative, the event space will be top of the line.
“We’re going to find the most appropriate materials for the dome. We hope the space will use natural light and will be fitting for all types of events” the designer told La Tercera.